Enviro Blitz was formed by TRL Enterprises Inc. in the fall of 2007. The venture started with three young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a positive contribution to the environment. We found that harmful chemical cleaning solvents and the plastics that they come in are one of the largest unnecessary volume polluters in North America, as a result we decided to start a business that addresses these issues in order to make a difference for the future and to promote earth safe products and practices.

Further health and safety issues have become real concerns for homeowners and organizations providing services to the public. At Enviro Blitz we have a duty to provide the highest quality environmentally sensitive cleaning services at a fair price to individuals and businesses looking to offer a safe and healthy environment to others.

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At Enviro Blitz we believe in setting and surpassing industry standards. We clean using the safest methods available to ensure a quality result, further we use top of the line equipment to remove contaminants and dirt from places where bacteria live and breed.

Due to societies view on environmental issues governments have left change up to the individual. As a society we must join together to ensure that strict environmental practices are followed in order to preserve the world we enjoy today for tomorrow.

We can make a positive difference in our surroundings by paying attention to the small details. All the small details add to the big picture.